Honeywell Controls

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Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat Y87RF2024

This battery powered wireless thermostat is completely mobile and can be easily placed anywhere in your home without rewiring. Turning it clockwise will turn your heating up and turning it anti-clockwise will turn it down - it really is that simple. It can work on it's own with 1 heater or as a 2 zone system programmable with The Total Connect Comfort mobile app or can tie in with the Evohome central control pad that can control up to 12 separate heating zones.

BDR91 Wireless Relay Box

The BDR91 essentialy acts as the switch for your Redwell heating panel. This receives a wireless signal from your room thermostat and switches your heating on and off as required to maintain your set temperature.

RFG100 Mobile Access Kit

The RFG100 connects to your existing router and is required to connect remotely via The Total Connect Comfort mobile app to your single zone thermostat.

Honeywell Evohome Connected Thermostat Pack ATP921R3100

This central control system is extremely versatile. Accessible by mobile phone this technology delivers control room by room at timings and settings that suit you and your lifestyle. You can create up to 12 zones that can be one room or several grouped together. And you can do all of this wherever you might be - away on holiday or in your car. In built features "delayed start" and "optimum stop" intelligently optimise Evohome start and stop times. It also "learns" and adapts each zone to changing weather and seasons.
By focusing on balancing and managing your heating more effectively this system is designed to save you money on your heating bills. 

Technical Data

230V AC
Switching Max
0 – 230V
Operating Temperature


  • remotely controllable
  • battery powered with low battery indicator
  • internet connection
  • temperature range 5 - 35 degrees C
  • range control preventing room going above or below set temperatures


  • wirelessly installed without disturbing your decor
  • create different temperatures and timings in different rooms
  • increase efficiency and reduce running costs