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The Pipewave heating columns provide flexible heating for a range of spaces. This lightweight and contemporary energy efficient heating solution is available as wall or ceiling mount and also as a freestanding heater you can move between spaces. The cylindrical design provides a large surface area that projects heat in all directions and with 300, 600, 900, 1200 and 1800 watts to choose from you can be confident that we will have something to meet with your needs.

Technical Data

Aluminium, powder coated white
Heating Element
Infrared heating
230 Volt, 50 Hz
Electromagnetic Tolerance
Low emission
IP 40 (power plug) IP 65 (installation)
Suitable for wall and ceiling installation or freestanding
90 Months


Model Weight Rating Size

Pipewave 600

app.7kg 600 Watt, 230V 1015 x 200 Dia
Pipewave 1200 app. 12kg 1200 Watt, 230V 2015 x 200 Dia
Pipewave 1800 app. 17 kg 1800 Watt, 230V 3015 x 200 Dia
Pipewave 600 Freestanding app. 10 kg 600 Watt, 230V 1040 x 400 Base Dia
Pipewave 1200 Freestanding app. 15 kg 1200 Watt, 230V 2040 x 400 Base Dia