Redwell Glass Picture Heating Panel

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Choose from our standard range of prints or pick you own. You can re-create a unique piece of artwork on your heating panel, a special picture or a lovely landscape, the possibilities are endless. We can also offer a bespoke service should you wish to commission something extra special.

Requirements for the pictures

Customers must contact our office to submit their picture.

Format: 1:1 to the desired format (optimum: + 3mm overflow)
Size of the image file (JPEG): 8 to 19 MB
Resolution: min. 120dpi, optimum 300dpi
Color code: RGB or CMYK

Featured image files should have the ratio of the allowed image format. Before printing, the image files are cut to the exact format. The outermost edge of the images (app. 2 mm) is printed over the edge. The quality concerning the sharpness of the printing cannot be furnished.

Differences in terms of the color and the output format to the original motif may occur. Such deviations do not represent defects and are no reason for claim.

The buyer of the heating panel declares to be in possession of the copyright or usage rights of the pictures.

Technical Data

230 Volt, 50 Hz
Electromagnetic Tolerance
Low emission
IP 40 (power plug) IP 65 (installation)
Suitable for wall installation only Heaters can be fixed in either vertical or horizontal arrangement
10 Years


Model Weight Rating Size
G600 app. 21kg 630 Watt 1020 x 620 x 19 mm
G800 app. 23 kg 830 Watt 1620 x 440 x 19 mm
G900 app. 29 kg 890 Watt 1220 x 720 x 19 mm
G1100 app. 32 kg 1100 Watt 1620 x 620 x 19 mm