Redwell Mirror Heating Panel

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Our range of frameless Mirror panels offer practical and discreet heating. A beautiful introduction to any room these will sit quite indiscernibly on your lounge wall above the fireplace or in the bathroom where you don't need to worry about them misting over.

Technical Data

Mirror, toughened safety glass
Heating Element
High efficiency special alloy core
230 Volt, 50 Hz
Electromagnetic Tolerance
Low emission
IP 40 (power plug) IP 65 (installation)
Suitable for wall installation only Heaters can be fixed in either vertical or horizontal arrangement
10 Years


Model Weight Rating Size
Middlewave R400 mirror app. 10 kg 350 Watt 620 x 520 x 19 mm
Largewave R600 mirror app. 19 kg 630 Watt 1020 x 620 x 19 mm
Longwave R800 mirror app. 21 kg 830 Watt 1620 x 440 x 19 mm
XLargewave R900 mirror app. 27 kg 890 Watt 1220 x 720 x 19 mm
XLongwave R1100 mirror app. 30 kg 1100 Watt 1620 x 620 x 19 mm

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