The 2in1 Infrasmile device combines energy saving infrared heating technology with LED lighting. A suspended ceiling installation - hanging like a conventional lamp it is designed to work in a range of environments. We want to see it in offices and other commercial buildings where it could heat meeting rooms, reception areas or other communal spaces like lunch rooms and waiting rooms. Similarly, it could be fitted in restaurants or hotels, complimenting the interior space whilst providing a practical heating and lighting solution. Also available without LED light fitting.

Technical Data

Sheet metal, coated black
Heating Element
Infrared heating
230 / 400 Volt, 50 Hz
Electromagnetic Tolerance
Low emission
IP 54 (installation)
Ceiling installation (4 stainless steel ropes with gripple technique)
90 Months (heating unit only)


Model Weight Rating Size
LED Hi Bay Light app.6kg 150 Watt n/a
LED Hi Bay Light app. 6kg 200 Watt n/a
Small app. 30 kg 1250 Watt, 230V 370 x 1270 Dia
Medium app. 40 kg 2500 Watt, 230V 540 x 1270 Dia
Large app. 50 kg 3400 Watt, 400V 620 x 1270 Dia

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